Photography is a profession that is growing by the day. The cameras are getting easier to use and a lot of new avenues are opening up. In sync with the same, we are running a 3 month photography course for the differently-abled that covers the following aspects.

  • Orientation – Know your Faculty & Peers. Discussion on Digital Camera
  • Knowing your Camera possibilities
  • Practical Shoot in the Campus – Usage of Aperture, Shutter Speed & Depth of Field
  • Practical Shoot in the Campus – Metering and White Balance
  • Composition – Theory, Examples with Master’s Work
  • Composition – Practical Shoot in Campus with Faculty
  • Critical Appreciation of Master’s Body of Work – I
  • Critical Appreciation of Master’s Body of Work – II
  • Two Outdoor Shoot with Faculty – Street and Documentary Photography
  • Selection of Outdoor Shoot Images
  • Developing curatorial capacity (The ability to pull out your best images from a shoot)
  • Post Production – Photoshop Class – I
  • Post Production – Photoshop Class – 2
  • Fill In Flash
  • Portraiture in Available Light
  • Master’s Work on Portraiture and Faculty Work
  • Demo Portraiture Shoot in campus
  • Selection and Editing of Portrait Shoot in available light
  • Portraiture with Single Light Source in Studio
  • Selection and Editing with Faculty
  • Final Portfolio

Computer Training

Computer literacy is a skill that is integral to every profession. Operating a laptop to search for your favourite songs to writing emails, we need to understand not only the software but also the etiquette of using technology. We offer training at 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate and Professional to equip the young professionals with the know how of the latest in the field.  

Basic: Operating the systems

Intermediate: MS Office + Daily use softwares

Professionals: Short term courses (3/6 months) Photoshop, Website Designing, Graphic Designing 

Reading and Comprehension

Reading is an integral part of academics. A child learns to read by identifying and associating sounds to symbols that we later call letters. However easy at it may seem to many, reading involves a series of stages of sound-symbol association. This involves taking the child/adult through a series of graded exercises on one-to-one or group sessions. 

Sensitisation workshops

We believe that change can take place through right education, awareness and sensitivity. We offer sensitisation workshops for children and adults in school/colleges/MNCs to impart information about abilities and skills through games, exercises and events. Our association with schools in NCR and colleges under Delhi University has helped us chart out programmes to help children and adults becomes members of a society that believes in inclusion.

Training for Parents (Circle for Carers)

Each parent knows their child the best. And when it comes to helping out their kids and giving them the best, they will no stone turned. Circle of Carers is the first of its kind initiative by KNOW DISABILITY where parents of children with disabilities come together and share best practices, products and services with each other. We also invite eminent speakers from the field of disability to lead programmes for parents to spread awareness about latest studies, intervention techniques and services.

Training the Teachers (Teachers Train Teachers: 3T Project)

The 3T Project of TEACHERS-TRAIN-TEACHERS is a platform for special educators across NCR to share their knowledge and best practices with the aim of building a community that supports one another.

Social Skills and Personality Development (Social, Personality, Emotion, Awareness and Knowledge - S.P.E.A.K programme)

Social skills form an integral part when it comes to functioning in the society. Starting a conversation, maintaining the topic, ending a conversation, forming healthy social relationships, confidence to speak in public and more importantly having the self awareness. S.P.E.A.K programme aims to build these skills in children and adults with disabilities through focused tasks and activities. 

Community Skills (Community Skills for Children and Adults)

We live and function in a community. We are co-dependent as human beings and skills that may come naturally to many, have to be broken down and taught as a part of curriculum to children and adults with special needs. To function independently in a community, one needs to learn the skills to interact with the systems around us as well. 

CSR opportunities with MNCs

As a company, you can partner with us to provide training and solutions to adults with disabilities. We firmly believe that every individual has strengths and capabilities that when channelled correctly can lead to productivity and add value to your organisation. 

Connecting Service connects not only people but also people with services and vice-versa. Our aim is to reach as many people and families as possible and that is only possible through information sharing. We urge all our partners to be involved as a part of this initiative and become a part of a global awareness campaign.