Our Mission

To facilitate an environment enabling training, education, employment and awareness in order to promote a life of self-sustenance and respect.


To create an inclusive world with equal opportunities for people with disabilities for them to live a life of dignity and independence.



Photography is a profession that is growing by the day. The cameras are getting easier to use and a lot of new avenues are opening up. In sync with the same, we are running a 3 month photography course for the differently-abled that covers the following aspects.

Computer Training

Computer literacy is a skill that is integral to every profession. Operating a laptop to search for your favourite songs to writing emails, we need to understand not only the software but also the etiquette of using technology. 

Reading & Comprehension

Reading is an integral part of academics. A child learns to read by identifying and associating sounds to symbols that we later call letters. However easy at it may seem to many, reading involves a series of stages of sound-symbol association. 

Sensitisation workshops

We believe that change can take place through right education, awareness and sensitivity. We offer sensitisation workshops for children and adults in school/colleges/MNCs to impart information about abilities and skills 

Training for Parents

Each parent knows their child the best. And when it comes to helping out their kids and giving them the best, they will no stone turned. Circle of Carers is the first of its kind initiative by KNOW DISABILITY where parents of children with disabilities 

Training the Teachers

The 3T Project of TEACHERS-TRAIN-TEACHERS is a platform for special educators across NCR to share their knowledge and best practices with the aim of building a community that supports one another.